Since it’s entering to construction sector in 2006, ANT Construction has executed many projects at home and aboard meanwhile adding to it’s experience and know-how and integrating these with contemporary construction technologies. Emphasizing on the principle of continuous progress. ANT Construction has pioneered to provide the best solutions to the projects under construction worldwide and regarded this as it’s mission. Considering the human factor as most effective resource and means of investment over the years since it’s establishment, ANT Construction has achieved success in the construction world in times of employment, with it’s well executed and highly experienced team along with today’s modern business principles.

In Turkey and abroad countries like; South Sudan, Uganda, U.A.E., Afghanistan, Kazakhistan, Malavi , Moldova where the construction sector involves high competition, ANT Construction leads with the competitive advantages of having dynamic and experienced staff, new and large machinery park.


Starting from our belief in human as the most significant resource, it is our major principle to form a structure to set management goals for ultimate customer satisfaction through our professional staff and innovation.

Our principles are to;  

 Offer quality timely and in determined values within the projects realized,

 Abide by all rules of Quality Management System standard to the continously develop the system,

 Work without prejudice to the engineering disciplines,

 Fulfill all quality requirements within the group interaction,

 Comply with legal regulations and customer specifications,


 To make use of natural and energy resource in an economical and effective manner,


To educate and provide with the relevant training our entire personnel including our customers and suppliers on health and environmental protection where necessary.





ANT Construction stepped into the business World by providing infrastructure services and has become a powerful corporation, serving successfully business such as Construction and Mining.

Considering the human factor as the most effective resource and means of investment over the years since its  establishment, ANT Construction has become a trendsetter in the business world in terms of employment with its well-educated and highly experienced team along with today’s modern business principles. The policy of our organizations where each individual staff is the member of a big, harmonious family with devotion  is to provide the perfect sense of trust-quality and service throughout the entire scope of our activities.


Our success we achieved up to day is mainly based on to use emerging technology to strictly  follow the standards for quality, health and security, environment together with the continuous job trainigs.  


Being one of the thriving examples of modern business management with its complete organizational infrastructure, ANT Construction  will remain in service and continue to prove its power in all future endeavors.


I am proud to be the Chairman of our rapidly growing family and would like to express my gratitude to all business  partners, dedicated colleagues, loyal staff and workers, Employers for their valuable support.


Kenan Özpulat